Cheap Nursing Uniforms

Why should anyone pay full price for something they can get for cheaper than full price? Your nursing uniform should not be any different. Why pay full price if you can get the same product, the same comfortable nursing uniform, for a cheaper price?

There are many places to find nursing uniforms at a cheaper price. If you like to shop in person, ask your local nursing uniform supplier to inform you when they have a sale. Many shops also have a sale rack where the prices will be cheaper. These racks may not carry all the sizes or styles you want, but for a price as much as 2/3rds off the normal price, the need for a selection may not be so important. You can also ask them if they carry ‘seconds’ or nursing uniforms that have minor flaws, such as the sleeve is not perfect or the hem is not sewed correctly. These “flawed��? nursing uniforms are usually such that no one can tell they are flawed except an expert seamstress, so they are well worth the cheaper price.

Another place to find cheap nursing uniforms is on line. If you do a search on Cheap Nursing Uniforms you will find many discounters on line. Watch for the price of shipping, however, for you wouldn’t want the price you pay to ship the uniforms to you to offset the discount you receive. Also, read carefully any return policy from an online outlet, for they may not take back cheaper uniforms or those on sale, or the nursing uniforms may need to be in their original packaging. Catalogs also offer cheaper uniforms. Again, check the price of shipping and all return policies.go to for more details.

The selection of fabrics and sizes may be limited with cheaper nursing uniforms, but the price may be well worth it. If there is something you want, you may be able to get a smaller outfitter or an in person store to let you know when there will be a sale on those items. Many on-line nursing uniform suppliers have sales often, and have mailing lists to let you know when some of their merchandise is on sale. Take advantage of these notification systems, so you can find cheaper nursing uniforms for your use.

The Care of and for Nursing Uniforms

The new uniforms, especially the scrubs available today for nurses, are very easy to care for. Most can be simply washed in your washer and dried in a regular drier, on cool or warm heat. However, check the washing instructions on each nursing uniform you have to ensure that you wash it correctly.

First, check to see if your nursing uniform is 100% cotton or a blend. If it’s cotton, wash in cold only and dry only till damp. To avoid ironing, you can remove the uniform when it is damp and hang it to dry. 100% cotton uniforms may need a bit of touch up with an iron, anyway.
Poly/cotton blends are less likely to need ironing and are overall easier to clean and dry. They can usually be dried completely but to avoid wrinkles and ironing, take the uniforms out immediately and fold or hang them.

This will avoid many wrinkles. Of course, some people like a starched/ironed look, and if that is what you wish, then feel free to iron your nursing uniform. Just read the directions on the tag to ensure the temperature of the iron needed, so you don’t scorch or burn the nursing uniform.

Nurse uniform

Make sure you wash like colors together. If your nursing uniform is in traditional white, then you probably will want to wash in warm or hot water, and use a bleach occasionally to keep it from looking dingy and dull. For the patterned uniforms, wash like colors together, and use cold, to prevent fading. Also, color safe bleach might be used if you have a stain or wish to add brightness.

Regardless of the color or blend of your uniform, it is vital to read the directions on the tag, to prevent shrinking or other problems during washing. If you follow these directions, and those on your nursing uniform tag, you will have a uniform that lasts, and looks good, for years to come.

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