Does Certified Nursing Assistant Training Online Offer an Advantage?

If you would like to consider a CNA certification as a milestone for another phase of career yet there is no enough time for you to attend for a regular class, then a CNA training online can offer you a lot of benefits. This online program provides you an opportunity to finish schooling without worrying about the time schedule for the classes unlike the tradition academic education since it offers flexible classes. You can also have the chance to earn a certification at your own convenience in your residence.

Students for CNA online normally finishes for about 2 months of which they need to CNA Training Online complete and pass the 5 skill courses which include patient rights, anatomy, ethics, therapy and physiology by attending a forty (40) hours of classes over the web. Most of the flow of communication between teachers and students on the lecture and demonstration would likely be through email, forums, chat, and virtual demonstration.

The curricular requires the student to do hands-on internship in different health care facilities such as hospitals and home care. An online program offers classes with clinical practice and laboratory. Some of the online schools provide the students a chance in the actual handling of patients as part of the clinical practice being required. They are also under supervision of a nurse in doing their roles and responsibilities just like in the actual the latest post at

On the other hand, skills training like phlebotomy, CPR and use of EKG are just examples of trainings that can be learned and applied through a hands-on demonstration. As part of the federal requirements, the state requires educational institution to include the completion of clinical hours which might not be offered in some online certification programs. However, an online training undertaken can offer an advantage for people who are certified previously and needs refresher prior to the renewing of professional certification. It is helpful as well for working individuals in the healthcare industry especially in updating their skills and strategies.

Examples of schools which offer this online training are the following:

online nursing classes

• Ivy Tech Community College (Bloomington, Indiana)

• Hutchinson Community College (Hutchinson, Kansas)

• Miles Community College (Miles City, Montana)

• St. Augustine Nursing Assistant School (Atlanta, Georgia)

• Tulsa Community College (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

The said training which is provided online is formulated to prepare students with the content knowledge and skills in order to get a certification. The skills needed in this program are patient’s hygiene, daily mobilization such as walking, eating, transferring of beds and as well as checking vital signs and so on. Mastering these will make you a successful Certified Nursing Assistant.

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